Approved APPR Plan

Rhinebeck Central School District officials were informed on Thursday, December 15, 2016, via an e-mail letter from Dr. MaryEllen Elia, Commissioner of Education, dated Wednesday, December 14, 2016, that the District’s multi-year Annual Professional Performance Review Plan has been approved. According to Commissioner Elia’s letter, the District’s multi-year (16-17 through 18-19) plan meets all criteria outlined in Education Law 3012-d and Subpart 30-3 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.  A copy of the approved APPR plan is posted on the District web site, at the link below, as required by the State Education Department.



SED-approved RCSD 3012-d APPR Plan

BOE Policy #9192 - Parental Rights to APPR Composite Scores & Quality Ratings

Parental Rights to APPR Composite Scores & Quality Ratings - Notice & Form 


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