Rhinebeck Respect Awards

The Rhinebeck Respect Award

Recipients of the Rhinebeck Respect Award are individuals who live up to the District’s core value of respect in their performance in and outside of the classroom, in the daily example they set, in the way they treat others, and/or in their treatment of our environment.  Students are nominated for the award by faculty or by non-instructional support staff.


For more than four years RHS faculty have worked to find ways to continually support and improve upon our already positive school climate. As you may remember, part of our work included surveying students, parents, and faculty regarding their perceptions.


Having digested the results of the survey and having worked with experts from the Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE) of Columbia University, Rhinebeck High School  began a program in February, 2010, entitled Rhinebeck Respect.   We started by articulating with students and with our school community one aspect of what makes our school unique. In short, it is the concept of Respect. As expressed in one of the district’s core values, “We respect and honor the dignity and worth of ourselves, others, and our environment.  The initiative continues this year with the addition of weekly shared quotations and lesson plans which explore the concept of respect and its relation to the various content areas and our school community. 


By emphasizing and externalizing the idea of respect of self, others, and the environment, we hope to create a touchstone and a shared vision among the whole school community which will enable us to promote and celebrate our school climate--one in which every member is treated with honor and dignity.


In this endeavor it will be critical that the adults in our community continue to model the idea of respect, and in this, as always we look forward to your continued support!


2015-2016 Rhinebeck Respect Recipients

October  Joseph Boland, Cierra Cassano, Amber Hoglin, Cora Oakley, Devin Potts, Sahara Williams


2014-2015 Rhinebeck Respect Recipients

September Maggie Bennett
October Ethan Babirad  
November Ian Breckenridge, Hunter Brandt, Taylor Van Voorhis
December Cierra Cassano, Grace Johnson, Jeff Lasher, Azure Leffeld, Brian Merrihew, Jamie Rifenburgh,  Julia Schinlder, Adam Valle, and Ally Walsh
January Eric Dubetsky, Alexandra Dunn, Tor Kronbichler, Brooke LaRoche, Brian Merrihew, Mia Naglieri
March  Erin Behrens, Julia Grubiak, Jacqueline Miller, Aidan McKibbin-Vaughn, Seamus Murphy,  Sahara Williams, Xandra Zucker              
May   Martin Clarke, Carolyn Cook, Elizabeth Goldstone, Kellie Lasher   


Past Year Recipients

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