District Makes Fall 2018 School Climate Survey Data Reports Available to the Community

"School Climate" refers to people’s subjective perception of school life. School Climate sets the tone for all the learning and teaching done in the school environment, and is predictive of students’ ability to learn and develop in healthy ways. All schools, like all people, have a range of strengths and weaknesses, as well as a distinctive vision for the kind of school they aspire to be.


This past Fall 2018, the Rhinebeck Central School District conducted a survey of school climate in partnership with the National School Climate Center (NSCC).  Respondents were asked to provide the school district with feedback on school climate by participating in a survey called the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI). The District last administered the CSCI in 2008 and surveyed again in Fall 2018 to continue the process of gathering stakeholder perceptions of school climate.  The School Climate survey was made available to all parents and staff, and to students in grades 3 though 12. 


A different version of the survey was administered to students in Grades 3 through 12 during the school day, as well as to school personnel and parents, thus providing the opportunity for the District to hear from every single member of our school community.


All versions of the survey were designed to assess perceptions of the school environment, including safety, relationships, support for learning, and the environment within the school. Broad-based feedback is important to help the Rhinebeck Central School District understand and address the specific climate issues in our schools. All responses were anonymous. No names were attached to the survey, and all data has been reported in terms of the way groups of people responded to items.


NSCC compiled the results, conducted a thorough data analysis, and provided the District with its findings, available below.  The data will be analyzed by the Comprehensive District Education Planning (CDEP) team, communicated to the school community, and used to inform future school planning initiatives regarding school climate.  We appreciate our students, staff, and parents for taking the time to complete the survey and joining us in this effort to make our schools even better places for your children to learn.


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