District Provides Status Update on Transportation Program Management Changes

Regarding additional information about the current status of the District's transportation contract and services beyond what we were able to provide last evening, Total Transportation Corporation, under an arrangement with Allways East Transportation, is now managing the transportation program for the Rhinebeck, Spackenkill, and Dutchess BOCES schools, effective today, Monday, February 22, 2016.


Total Transportation Corporation (TTC) is a transportation vendor headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, servicing contracts with the New York City and Philadelphia Departments of Education. At this time, TTC is operating out of Allways East’s terminal in southern Dutchess County, using the current AE bus drivers and terminal staff. Except for using a number of TTC or L&M buses to transport children and the back-end management functions being supplied by TTC, the District is not anticipating any other changes to the current Rhinebeck transportation program, including bus routes and schedules, through the end of the current school year. District officials have every reason to expect that the operation of the home-to-school transportation program will continue at the current level. It should not be surprising, therefore, that today’s morning and afternoon home-to-school bus runs operated both on time and on schedule.


The three Dutchess County school districts having transportation contracts with Allways East Transportation were notified of TTC’s pending management arrangement with Allways East this past Wednesday afternoon, February 17, 2016. As a result, conversations and meetings between the three school districts, legal counsel, and TTC and AE management began immediately this past Thursday and Friday, at which point there were still a number of details to be worked out among the various parties. Short-term details were finalized yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, followed by e-mail and website communication with Rhinebeck school parents on Sunday evening.


Prior to the recent news about the management arrangement between Allways East and Total Transportation, the three districts had been collaborating on the development of a bid document for a new multi-year transportation contract to begin September 1, 2016. Given the recent management change, the districts will award 31 day emergency transportation contracts, as provided in State Education Department regulations. They also will issue a competitive bid for transportation services for the remainder of the 2015-16 school year, as required by SED regulations, to be awarded by mid-March 2016. Finally, they will issue a competitive bid for transportation services from September 2016 through June 2019, to be awarded in late March/early April 2016.


The District will maintain efforts to continue to improve its transportation services and will provide updated information as it becomes available.





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